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thumbThere are so many different nooks and corners in Philadelphia that it is hard for even the locals to say that they know the entire state of Philadelphia from one corner to the other. To sufficiently explore, understand and have fun in PA means at least a month's break from work – but how many of us have the luxury of taking that much time off work. But here's where Party Bus Philadelphia is different from the rest. We know exactly what to do to help you leverage on the time that you have.

First of all, you need to rent a bus or limousine from a company like Party Bus Philadelphia, a company that puts your needs and requirements ahead of financial gain. Then surf the internet for places that might be of interest to you. Take note that if you have kids or elderly people with you during the group tour, research a little bit about what might interest them during the trip. You can organize it with the charter bus or limousine rental company in such a way that you can drop the kids or elderly off at one destination, send another group to another destination, and then come pick the first group up and then the second.

A charter bus of sufficient size is extremely convenient, you will see.

It is typical of New England cities like Philadelphia to be so spacious, wide, delightful and the Berkshire Mountain. Except for the unbearably cold winter months, Philadelphia locals love to head outdoors, especially to the east for Cape Cod. Activities like hiking, skiing, canoeing, kayaking, white water rafting, etc are popular outdoor entertainment for Party Bus Philadelphia customers. If you are lucky, you might even get to watch a whale out in a vessel in Provincetown.

For art and culture, get the Party Bus Philadelphia bus driver to bring you out to Bay State where international standard art museums, award-winning artwork, wonderful orchestra is housed. Of course, for the kiddy stuff, try the New England Aquarium which is always loads of fun for the kids.

Since PA is sometimes shrouded in cold days, during the summer, the locals don their shortest skirts, sandals and most comfortable clothes and head out in their rented charter buses to the Summer Music Festival.

As you can see, Philadelphia is not always about's a lot about having fun and maximizing your time here. And speaking of maximizing your time, take the opportunity to find out how to you can save both time AND cost with Party Bus Philadelphia' buses and limos.

Find out the best time, place, restaurant and attraction to enjoy right here in Philadelphia!

Nov 12, 2013 - Love Park - an Iconic Philadelphia Landmark

Love Park isn’t Central Park, let’s just put it mildly but if you want to see life in a different light, we think a visit to Love Park in Philadelphia is a must. As you will find out through various reviews and feedback, there is nothing particularly special about Love Park except for the ‘Love’ signboard at the entrance. Philadelphia is fondly known as the city of brotherly love, and we think taking a picture with the sign marks something special for your bus company Philadelphia trip. Taking a picture with a love sign in the city of brotherly love. Now, does that warm up your heart a little just to hear that? It would be even more remarkable if you took the picture with your partner, family members or friends.

The view down parkway and the bus company Philadelphia museum is another reason to make your way here during your visit and the best time to see all of that would be during the day. We have heard rather sorry stories about throngs of homeless people hanging around the park at night.

Instead of being turned off by homeless people hanging around the park and skateboarders who are practicing, we found them enticing. They bring the park to life, we thought that it was a great place to take awesome pictures not just of the picturesque backdrop but of the people too.

The great thing about Love Park is not your average bus company Philadelphia tourist trap. Not the best and most luxurious place to be in but it gives you the chance to reflect upon what you have today that most people don’t.

We thought that the fountain was absolutely lovely and a great place for Kodak moments too. It isn’t the biggest nor is it the most impressive, but it is iconic to Philadelphia. And THAT is an important point to consider when visiting the park.

The park is surrounded by many gorgeous buildings all around so, after making a short bus company Philadelphia visit to the park, stroll along the buildings and hence, MORE photo opportunities. Parking can be tough around the area but if you are going to be using bus charter, shuttle bus, coach charter, mini bus or party bus during the trip, there is no need to worry about parking.

Keep an open mind and sense of humor with you when you visit Love Park. Remember that you are here to visit one of Philadelphia’s most iconic landmarks and if you are cautious about and with your belongings, the short stopover should be very interesting and eye-opening.


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